Cell Biology Equity Initiative
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Are you interested in getting involved with CBEI?

We are open to all in the Cell Bio community and would love to have you join us! Contact us to learn more, to attend a meeting (biweekly meeting, Thursday 3:30pm - 5:00pm, virtual), or with any questions or concerns.


The CBEI is a group of postdocs, students, staff, administrators, and faculty working to develop, implement, and support actions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in HMS Cell Biology. We focus our efforts in three general areas:


The Inreach Committee aims to foster a departmental culture where members feel welcomed, heard, and respected regardless of identity or position. We work to develop departmental programming and lasting structural changes that promote equity. We hope that these opportunities will provide members of our community with skills to contribute to a workplace that values diversity, equity and inclusion.


The Outreach Committee aims to increase the HMS Cell Biology community's access to and awareness of outreach activities. We hope to lower the energy barrier for our community members to become more involved in outreach by summarizing and promoting currently established HMS and area programs. Our goal is to increase the participation of community members in fulfilling outreach activities with a meaningful target audience and time commitment that is appropriate for each participant.


The Resource Committee gathers, organizes, and distributes resources to empower individual and collective DEI efforts in the HMS Cell Biology community. We work with other CBEI committees and collect feedback from our community to identify specific actions to implement and to track progress over time. We hope that access to supportive and data-driven resources will help foster a community that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion.